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***See Warranty information below ***
Used Tanning Beds
All Beds Come With A Warranty!     
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Warranty:  Indiana Tanning Supply assures all buyers that equipment has been tested and will operate properly when
connection is made by a qualified electrician. All parts with a value of less than $75 are covered for 30 days and this
includes: ballasts, starters, lamps, capacitors,  lamp sockets, cooling fans, connectors, and any other parts meeting this
criteria. For a period of 60 additional days,  ITS will sell all parts to the buyer at distributor cost.  

While this warranty is seldom used due to thorough testing of our equipment, we offer it to assure buyers that a used
tanning bed from ITS will meet your expectations of quality and reliability.
Indiana Tanning Supply
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$1500 Cash
38-100/160/180 Watt Reflector(Bronzing) Lamps

20 Minute Timer

Beautiful Used Commercial Tanning Bed

Body Fan Included

23 Amp Service

Mfg. 2003

12 Beds Available

37" Wide x 84" Long

Warranty (Details Below)!
Ultra Sun 6000
Other Colors Available: Gray, Blue,
Gray/Black, Gray/Blue  
Sting Bee 6000  Flower Power 6000      
Beautiful Used Commercial Tanning Bed

55 Lamps Total
Top-160R Watt
Bench-160 Watt
5-1000/1500W Facial Lamps

15 Minute Timer

Body Fan

80 Amp Service           Single Phase

Mfg. 2001

9 Beds Available!

Warranty (Details Below)!
$ 2995 Cash
Ultra Sun 17000!  
High Pressure Bed!
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$1000 Cash
Sunburst 4000 (without
Facial Lamps)
Sunburst 4000 with
Facial Lamps!

 11 Min.

This unit needs to be set up by a
qualified individual.
Available: 4
Available: 12
Available: 6
Available: 4
Available: 2
Heartland Ovation134  
3-400 W Facial Lamps
34-100Watt High Output Lamps
88" x 43" Wide
20 Min. Session    30 Amp.  
Steel!                     Warranty
$1600 Cash
$ 2995 Cash
Available: 6